ATEL to showcase latest products at Naidex

We have some exciting news! We’re going to be at this year’s Naidex show (28-30th March, NEC Birmingham). You’ll be able to find us at stand A60, where we’ll be showcasing three of our amazing products, along with information about how ATEL works and what it offers.

So what exactly will be on our stand?

GrandCare is the first product you can have a demo of, and has been designed to help individuals who struggle to complete everyday tasks.

With so many features on offer, which can be customised following an in-depth assessment by a member of our team, GrandCare prompts individuals on taking medication, fluids, eating as well as other day-to-day tasks. Working with a range of different sensors, the system can detect movement, the medicine cabinet and fridge not

being opened, as well as pressure sensors to detect if your relative is out of bed. If an unusual activity is flagged up, such as the front door opening after 10 pm, GrandCare will alert designated family members so that they can take necessary action including using the secure Skype-call system to video call in and find out what is happening. Individuals can also use the call system to video phone pre-defined family and friends to easily communicate with the outside world.

It also connects to a range of health technology to monitor key health indicators including weight, blood pressure and heart rate, all of which can be accessed remotely by GP’s and health professionals, as well designated family members.

Also on our stand is a device called Vitaleter, which can predict and alert on health deterioration and vital signs. A contactless device, Vitalerter lives under an individual’s mattress to continuously monitor vital signs including heart-rate, respiration rate and body motion, along with oxygen levels and body temperate to help assist care organisations with their long-term care.

Super proactive, Vitalerter provides warnings of irregular breathing, heart rate incidents, epilepsy seizures and sleeping disorders, and in some cases, can alert carers to potential health problems eight hours before they are at the highest risk.

Completing the tech round up is U-Drain – an innovative drainage system which completely replaces the need for night drainage bags and bottles. Fitted by experts, U-drain is nearly completely hidden behind walls, with just a socket the size of a plug on show. The socket is connected to the house drainage system so fluid can easily drain away behind the scenes and removes the need for night drainage bags, giving an individual a much more dignified night’s sleep and reducing the need for someone to come in every two hours.

An easy device to use, individual’s or carers can connect the urostomy appliance or leg bag to the wall socket at night, and any urine or dialysis fluid flows away effortlessly. Carers can simply disconnect in the morning and use a specialist syringe to flush the tubing with water and disinfectant.

So how does ATEL work with these products?

ATEL is the system provider, and we make sure that all these systems work together and talk to each other to deliver a holistic view of the care of each individual. We also are able to show how technology is now part of the overall care plan, and forms part of a blended care package; helping to reduce human care hours and make substantial cost savings.

Make sure you stop by stand A60 and ask for a demo of any of the technology on our stand. We’re also running a competition to win one of the GrandCare systems.