A comprehensive care solution designed to reduce health and social care costs and improve outcomes.

GrandCare Systems is a caregiving tool designed to drive efficiencies, improve outcomes and reduce care costs. It does so by enabling designated family members, caregivers, health and social care professionals to remotely care for an individual in their own home, regardless of where the caregiver currently is.

What difference can GrandCare make?

At the heart of the GrandCare system is an individual’s health and wellbeing. Designed to assist carers in monitoring and assessing a range of health readings, GrandCare can record blood pressure readings, weight, pulse, temperature and glucose all in one place. Easy to access, carers can view readings and reports through the Online Care Portal and can alert if there are worrying changes outside a pre-defined normal zone.

It’s also a one stop shop for care plans and activity logs. Detailed care plans can be stored in one place for easy access by anyone responsible for the care of an individual, with unique logins provided to each carer for an accurate record of who has been responsible for care that day. Carers can make notes during their visit so those following on can understand how an individual has been that day.

Knowing an individual is moving around, or is tucked up in bed safe and sound can do a lot for family members peace of mind. It can also mean that carers aren’t having to pop in all the time to check up on an individual. GrandCare connects to motion, contact and pressure sensors to track as to whether an individual might require assistance.

  • Motion sensors pick up if an individual is moving around more than usual or not as much and can alert according to rules set up by the caregiver
  • Contact sensors can alert over a whole host of issues. Has someone said they’ve take their meds but haven’t opened the medicine cabinet? Have they said they have eaten but the fridge hasn’t been opened? What about if the front door is opened in the middle of the night? Contact sensors can monitor all these and alert as required
  • Pressure sensors can detect if a person is sleeping or whether they’ve gotten out of bed in the middle of the night and have failed to return


Let’s be social

Not only a medical device, GrandCare can be a central hub for an individual to communicate with the outside world. Individuals can video chat, view pictures, receive and send emails, maintain a calendar and keep track of appointments.

The aim of GrandCare is to increase socialisation of an individual, not just with a day-to-day carer, but with their wider family to help decrease loneliness and isolation. Family members can upload their photos on to GrandCare straight from Facebook, so if they are away or at their child’s school play, they can share these instantly with the individual at home.

Individuals can only interact with a pre-defined list of people that the main caregiver has given access to, to stop the risk of unsolicited calls.

It’s also much more than that too, and can bring entertainment to an individual while also keeping their mind young through games and trivia. Each GrandCare systems is pre-loaded with games, trivia, word definitions, music and nostalgic “Did you know?” information. It can also be loaded with their favourite music and websites, such as their regular news channel.