An integrated care platform to predict and alert on health deterioration and vital signs.

Using contact-free, continuous monitoring, Vitalerter predicts and alerts on health deterioration and clinical events to help assist you and long term care organisations.

Using two methods of monitoring, vital signs can be observed using bio-sensors, either through contact-free or as a bio patch.

Vitalerter Vitals

A contact-free device that lives under a mattress or the seat of a wheelchair, Vitalerter Vitals continuously monitors an individual’s vital signs via a bio-sensor and cal alert carers to potential problems.

Constantly monitoring heart-rate, respiration rate and body motion, the system alerts carers to high risk residents who are trying to stand up from their bed or chair. A proactive device, Vitalerter provides warnings of irregular breathing, heart rate incidents, epilepsy seizures and sleeping disorders.

Bio patch

Easy to use, the bio-sensor patch is simply attached to the body and continuously monitors an individual’s heart rate, body temperate and oxygen levels. Featuring special motion technology, the bio patch can identify dizziness signals to prevent individuals from falling over and hurting themselves. If the worse should occur, and a fall does happen, the motion sensor picks up the change in body position and can alert a member of staff instantly.

Proactive care benefits

  • Fall prevention – identifies deterioration signals and bed exit to provide early warnings to prevent falls before they happen
  • Pressure ulcers prevention – tracks bed time and turn movements to provide real-time turn reminders
  • Irregular breathing alerts – continuously monitors respirations, identifies events early and alerts in situations of irregular breathing
  • Heart incident alerts – monitors heart rate in real time and alerts in situations of acute changes in heart rate
  • Improve’s sleep quality – tracks movement, breathing and heart function and provides sleep quality reports
  • Epilepsy seizures prediction – identifies Tachycardia, Bradycardia, low heart rate variability and fast movement that are common in the development of Epilepsy seizures
  • Hypoxemia alerts – using accurate pulse oximetry technology to continuously monitor oxygen levels and alert in low oxygen levels
  • Hyper/Hypo Thermia alerts – using an accurate thermostat to monitor temperate and alerts in situations of Hyper/Hypo Thermia.

Vitalerter integrates with the most common nursing home management software, so settings and monitor data are synced automatically.

Care management system

Working with the bio-sensors, Vitalerter includes a preventive care analysis server, management and reporting services to easily monitor an individual’s vital signs.

Using advanced technology and medical experts’ models to predict health deterioration and events, Vitalerter’s preventative care analysis can help to alert carers before problems become serious and costly.

Early response to warning signs is proven to significantly improve residents’ safety and save costs.

Vitalerter is provided with an advanced, cloud-based monitoring dashboard, providing carers with access to real-time, actionable information from anywhere. Whether in a central monitoring room, where alerts can signal something isn’t quite right, to an on-the-go tablet for bedside analysis with the most up to date vital signs, the monitoring dashboard enables a real-time view of resident’s current medical state.

Vitalerter’s reporting system enables care home managers to make informed decisions, improve resource utility and provide clear accountability to residents and their families.